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All tracks in the Floor Tracks library: $85
-Shipping for CD requests are 5$ per cd / 10$ overnight / 25$ International
Additional short or long versions with your purchase (upon request): FREE!
Custom popular music edits and cuts: $85
-This is music you have already picked out on iTunes/YouTube that you need cut and edited
Discount of 20% for all orders of 5 or more selections ordered at one time with one payment.

What's included in the $85 purchase of a piece of Floor Tracks music?
  • One high-quality WAV audio file sent via download link to the purchaser's email account
  • One additional long or short version of the same track upon request. 
  • Customized editing upon request (Xcel routines included) at no additional charge
  • Audio file sent to coaches and gym upon request of purchaser
  • Customer service and flexibility that is second to none!
Remember: Short versions/Xcel versions and all track edits are available for no additional charge.  Every track in the Floor Tracks library can be custom edited to fit your needs as a coach and a gymnast, for no extra cost!!
Our specialties include:
  • Shortened or lengthened in ANY way
  • Added cues or markers before or within the music
  • Percussion taken out or added
  • Two-song combination
Help!!  I need music edited that we purchased on iTunes / found on YouTube.

Find the original piece of music online (iTunes is a great place to start).  Once you have found the original music, send the link or the title/artist/album via email to us here at Ryan@FloorTracks.net.  If you have difficulty locating it online, just contact us directly and we can help you find it.  Once an original track is located, all we need are specific instructions such as, “I want it exactly like the YouTube video link I’ve included.”   Or even better: “Please use these sections of music in this order to add up to the desired length of 1:25.  Section 0:00-0:321:00-1:332:30-2:50.”

From there we will make the desired cuts and blend it together seamlessly so that you have the most professional sounding music possible for just $85.  YOU WILL NOT PAY A CENT until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.  You will not regret how the quality will both enhance your gymnast’s performance and spectator’s experience.


Do not use software to pull the audio off of YouTube to use for your final track.  In order to save space, increase downloading speed and save device data, YouTube compresses audio files for convenience but then has poor quality for music files.  When listening to the video on a device like your computer or phone, the sound is decent, but when magnified on speakers at a gym or competition, the sound becomes distorted which could potentially cause your gymnast to miss cues and compromise the listening and viewing experience of the audience and judges.

If you have any questions, please e-mail ryan@floortracks.net or use our contact form page here.
Thank you!