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About the Owner

Ryan Inselman, Floor Tracks owner

Ryan photoI have been the owner of Floor Tracks since its infancy stage in 2010. The most common question I am asked in the MN music community is, “how and why did you start writing gymnastics music?” Well, the easiest answer is, my sister was an elite MN gymnast turned coach and I was a full time musician supporting my little sister’s passion in gymnastics. Put the 2 together and it just seemed like a fun and interesting direction to turn. I had already created instrumental music albums and in listening to them, my sister was on my case to create specifically for the gymnastics world. I started composing specifically for the activity and fell in love with it! So here we are! Gymnastics music has now turned in to a passion and a career that I truly enjoy. I enjoy every aspect in fact, from the composing and recording to the prep for the upcoming season all the way to the sales and many conversations I get to have with coaches, gymnasts and parents!

The goal of Floor Tracks has always been and always will be to create inspiring original floor music and run a company that has customer service that is second to none. I believe so far we have done that! My sister helps me every step of the way with creating music that is useful and easy to choreograph. The idea is to create a music that has depth and lasting ability. We steer clear of the bubble gum and leave that to others. We know that as a coach, parent and gymnast you may end up listening to your floor music well over 1000 times. We hope to keep your music interesting and meaningful to the very end of your time with that routine. I do my best to visit every club in MN each year to reach out for more ideas on how to improve our business and our music.

Back to customer service… When you call for information you get me on the other line and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you end up with exactly what you want. My editing process is always fired up and ready for a challenge. Any of our originals can be modified to fit your needs at no additional charge. I aim to please, always. I should say we… I also have 5 other writers always on staff creating new music with in many style and genres. They fill in the voids and gaps that keep our music diverse and our library complete!

To supplement my time as a composer for gymnastics floor music I also perform around the country as a professional percussionist and drummer. I am a studio musician here in the twin cities and record/produce multiple albums every year. I also, compose music for TV programing around the country. My true joy like yours is my family. My wife and I have 2 boys that continuously keep up busy. Both of which are in gymnastics!

Well, that’s a little about me. Like I’ve mentioned before, I know you are working hard, and I am glad to be a part of it. If you have any music needs, please do not hesitate to give a call or email. Take care!