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Internet orders:

We have a convenient shopping cart system to help you place your online order. Click on the “Music!” tab, and then use the search bar or choose from one of the CDs to see all tracks on it. There, you will be able to preview each track.  You may also use our search engine to help you narrow down your choices based on provided criteria. When you are ready to add a track to your shopping cart for purchase, click the cart icon for the track(s) you want. Your "shopping cart" at the top of the page will be updated with your newly added track, which you will see when the page refreshes. From there, you can go through the checkout process or keep shopping. Please make sure to register when on the checkout page (if you are a new customer). If you're a returning customer and have previously registered on this site, you can log in with your saved account user name and password. From there, you can update your shipping information, if needed.

Steps to purchase the full version of the track (high-quality WAV audio file, no voiceover):

1. Click on the cart icon for the track you'd like to purchase. This will add that track to your shopping cart, which will be updated when the page refreshes.

2. From there, you can continue shopping or choose to "proceed to checkout."

3. Please log in (for previous customers with a username and password on this site) or register for a new account and fill out the required information. This step is required to complete the purchase. But once you register once, you just have to log in and don't have to redo the registration each time.

4. When you have all of your tracks you want to buy in the shopping cart and you have logged in or registered a new account, fill in your credit card information and enter the 20% OFF! coupon code (ONLY for purchases of five tracks or more at a time).

5. Once the checkout process is complete and your credit card is processed successfully, you will receive an e-mail with information to download your purchased track(s)!


You will also have the option to pay for a high-quality CD with your purchased tracks to be mailed to you. 

Make sure to take advantage of our 20% discount for all orders of five or more tracks ordered at one time with one payment and one shipping address. To do so, make sure you have five or more tracks in your shopping cart, then type 20% OFF where directed on the checkout page.

If you need a shorter version or edits of any kind, please contact us and order by phone. We’ll be happy to work with you to create the best possible custom version for your gymnast!

Shipping (if you would like a CD of your purchased tracks, in addition to the downloadable files sent to you): 
-Standard First Class Mail: $5.00 (Delivery time: 4-7 days after processing)
-Priority mail: $10.00 (Delivery time: 2-3 days after processing)
-International Shipping: $15.00 (delivery time varies by country)
-International Priority Shipping: $30.00 (delivery time varies by country)

Shipping schedule:
Orders are always shipped ASAP! However, allow one to three days for processing IN ADDITION to the shipping time by the selected carrier. Audio files are always sent to the provided e-mail address within 24 hours. There are no shipping charges for this option. Please feel free to contact us, if you are concerned about your shipping schedule, and we’ll be happy to help!

"Help! How do I get purchased floor music to play from my phone?!?!"

This is one of the most common questions I receive on a daily basis. Apple and Android are the prominent makers of handheld devise and their process is not particularly user-friendly, so we thought putting together a quick reference guide might be helpful.

Rule-of-thumb #1 – At this time, it is NOT possible to download a music file to the iTunes application on your iPhone from an external website or email!

Rule-of-thumb #2 – There are no ready-to-use gymnastics tracks sold on iTunes for a single payment of $1.29. You can only get these individualized products from sites like www.floortracks OR have a qualified music editor create your music from an audio file you found online or purchased on iTunes.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHSE FROM FLOORTRACKS, here’s the easiest way to get your purchased music to your handheld device:

From Floor Tracks you will get a download link for a .wav file from to be downloaded from your account which is the highest quality audio file you can use. Mp3 files are more common but have a slightly lesser audio quality yet have the same challenges for getting them onto your hand held device.

For PC and Android users: 

 If you have an android I’m assuming you are what I like to call a “plunker.” Meaning you a a novice to intermediate grasp on modern technology and you can plunk around your phone until you resolve whatever issue you are having. Yes? On most android platforms you should be able to save the audio file right to your phone from any email or download link and open it up in whatever media application you are using.

If not…

1. Download the audio file to your desktop/laptop computer (NOT YOUR PHONE OR TABLET!) from your account on our website. Or, from where ever you are getting your audio file (MP3, AAC or WAV file).

2. Hopefully you know where you have saved that file on your computer. Once you have located the file you have saved you will have to plug your phone into your computer.

3. Your phone will then be acting as an external hard drive. You should be able to find it when you click on “my computer” on your computer.

4. Open up your phone on your computer and find where you keep all of your music.   It will be in a folder that is labeled, “music” or something similar. Click and drag the audio file that you downloaded to your computer desktop into the “music” folder.

5. Boom! You should have it on your phone to use in which ever music app you regularly use to play music on your phone.

For Mac computers and iProduct users:

 1. Download the audio file to your desktop/laptop computer (NOT YOUR PHONE OR iPad!) from your account on our website. Or, from where ever you are getting your audio file (MP3, AAC or WAV file).

2. Hopefully you know where you have saved that file on your computer. Once you have located the file you have saved, double click on that file and it will open up on iTunes! Another option is to open up iTunes and click and drag the file to your library.

3. While iTunes is open on your computer, plug in your phone using the lightning to USB cord that comes with your phone. You will then see it pop up in the left column of your iTunes program on your computer.

4. Find the file that you opened or clicked and dragged to iTunes and now click and drag it to the little icon of your phone in the left hand column browser. You can usually find the file you imported THE EASIEST by going to your “Recently added” tab on the left column browser in iTunes.

5. If you’ve followed these steps, your music should now be on your iPhone! Hooray! Unplug your phone and open iTunes on your handheld device and it should be there in the “recently added” area. Whew!

 Disclaimer:  The Android platform is used on MANY different phones which all function differently.  So, one process does not fit all phones.  There might be considerably more “plunking” to figure this process out.  Good luck!